Christening Photography

With all historic events, we benefit from having a precise record to refer to. In life, special moments such as a baby's christening, are important to retain and cherish.

Christening photography, as with wedding photography, eternalizes the emotion and beauty of each part of the day; the preparations, the christening service and the post-service reception/party.

Concentrating on the child, the child's family and friends, and using light and compositon to enhance, the day is depicted in numerous aesthetically pleasing photographs.

With the help and advice of the photographer, you can be as involved as you like in the construction of the album; deciding on the photographic content as well as the way it is put together. The photographer will then be able to create an album, which shows the moments and people closest to your heart : an album that will let you re-live those special moments anytime you look through it.

In a natural way, the photographer captures the child's expressions and movements; the innocence, joy and wonder. As the child grows and changes, these photos will become even more important, reminding us of how they used to be....

For the photographer, every christening is a unique opportunity for creating something beautiful. With the child as the subject and Skiathos as a background, the result cannot help but please.

To view some samples of the photographer's work, click on the link below.

Christening photography

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