Digital Photo Album

The choice and style of the couple are brought together in the making of the wedding or christening digital album.

Digital albums are the most up-to-date way of storing the magic of the ceremony. New techniques and technology mean that now the wedding photographs can be digitally retouched or even rearranged, therefore taking the photographs to a higher level than  was ever thought possible, before the digital era.

The Digital Album is printed on light-sensitive, waterproof, photographic paper, which has the advantage of withstanding the passage of time.

Having the photographs stored digitally, and having the ability to retouch the images, gives us a lot more flexibility in the construction of the album. It also gives you, the couple, more command over matters such as size, quality and the images and backgrounds used within the album. Working closely and discussing with the photographer, helps give the Digital Album the couple's personal touch: thus resulting in a more tailor-made service.

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