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We are a team consisting of four full time members (two wedding photographers and two wedding videographers.We attend various photographic seminars on a yearly basis to keep up with new techniques and styles.


We are the only legally registered wedding photography studio on the island and have covered more than one thousand weddings over the years.



Simeon Hatzianastasiadis - Founder Photographer

Member of Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Simeon is founder and owner of the company.A member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, he has 25 years experience as a professional wedding photographer.

Using the beauty of the island as a backdrop, we aim to capture those memorable moments of your wedding day in a sensitive,unintrusive way.


Yiota Madalara - Photographer

Yiota Madalara started her career fifteen years ago at the age of twenty year old. She started shooting Political weddings, vip events and of course the amazing environment of Skiathos Island.She was always working alongside Simeon.

She is living and working in Skiathos.

Now after working hard all this years she is able to present you with the absolute solution for your needs. Wedding photography is her passion.


Constantine - Cinematographer

Constantine is the newest mumber of our team. He started producing short movies during the last decate.


Now after his succesfully career on advertising industry in Greece Mainland , came in Skiathos to start a new life. He believes that Skiathos Wedding Cinematography is the new goal. He always find the best environment for producing wedding cinematography is in Skiathos, and of course, we believe him..

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